At Harwood King we believe a print should be a work of art in its own right 

We began as a traditional silkscreen printers but always keen to be ahead of the curve we were one of the first studios to offer fine art giclée printing. Our Newhaven studio continues to develop its range of services offering digital and silkscreen printing on a variety of surfaces as well as a range of hand finishes, creating truly unique mixed media prints of the highest quality. 

We encourage artists and publishers to work with us using our skills and techniques to help them produce an original print edition. Our small and dedicated team can take you through the whole process from creating the digital artwork for a silkscreen or giclée to helping you find the best materials and printing process to realise your artistic vision. 

“The printmaking studio is like a film studio the artist the director/writer, the printmaker as co-director and a whole team of skilled artisans that produce the actual work. Computers have freed us from thinking of prints as works on paper; wood, plastics, projections anything now goes, it is an exciting time to be working in "print".” Quentin King 

Quentin King began screen printing to produce his own work in his front room in 1982. He wanted to use silk-screening not only as a means of reproduction but as part of the artistic creative process. This ethos continues today in the way we work with artists combining different printing techniques to create unique multi-media fine art prints. 

 In 1991 he established Harwood King Fine Arts, a silkscreen editioning house, now renowned throughout the world for producing some of the finest silkscreen and mixed media prints. 

“Computer-aided production in conjunction with inkjet printers has turned the printmaking market upside down. Like so many industries, computers have enabled relatively untrained people to produce a reasonably professional product. Yet years of training and experience are still required to create high-quality productions; well registered, clean, and colour accurate. It is the little things that the inexperienced miss that can make the difference between a picture and a work of art.  

A skilled printmaking artisan can help point artists in the right direction to achieve the finished result they are looking for. At its best this partnership can produce work that is greater than the sum of its parts. So, when you own a print created by an artist in conjunction with a master printmaker, you have a great work of art in its own right.” - Quentin King 

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