Finishes and Effects

At Harwood King, we have used our knowledge of traditional printmaking techniques to enhance giclĂ©e printmaking production, often combining it with silkscreen, and finishes to create unique multimedia prints. It's our firm belief that a print should be a work of art in its own right, not only a photographic reproduction of an original. We encourage artists to work with us to use our skills and techniques to help them produce an original print edition.


Diamond Dust

Adding a real sparkle to any print Diamond dust comes in a range of colours and textures from fine to course. 


The application of diamond dust has two stages. First, we silkscreen a glue onto the area that the dust will be going down then we hand apply our diamond dust to the area. This hand application assures the care and attention to detail required when dealing with high-end finishes.


We have several different quality foils, from the more affordable imitation foil to real 24ct gold leaf. Foils and leaf are applied by hand and add a real feel of luxury to any print edition.

Working with artists, our studio assistants have a variety of techniques for the application of foils and leaves to achieve different finishes and feel to the final product.
Our flatbed printer also allows us to print on top of leaf and foils digitally.

Glitter Gloss

A smoother finish than diamond dust glitter gloss can add a nice element of sparkle to a work.

As the glitter is mixed in you can chose the intensity of glitter.

Gloss varnish

Bring out elements of your image with a gloss varnish this can vary from matt to high gloss.  

Iridescent fluro and metallic inks

These inks can bring out colours that are not present in digital printing.

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