Gold leaf on a fine art giclee print


White dimaond dust on a limited edition print

Diamond Dust

Diamond dust is recycled glass refined into small fragments, adding a sparkle to our prints. 


We supply a range of different colored leaf; gold, silver, copper, bronze and variegated. We use both imitation and precious metal. There is a wide range of leaf available contact us for more information.  

gold leaf on a limited edition giclee print

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Giltter ink for silkscreen printing

Glitter Gloss


Glitter Gloss is a mixture of fine glitter mixed into our high gloss varnish. The strength of the effect depends on the amount of glitter in the mix.

Gloss Varnish

Bring out elements of your image with varnish in matt, high gloss or semi-gloss.   

Detial of a screen printed gloss varnish on a giclee print
Fluro pink ink being screen printed


Fluorescent inks are very bright; We use these to bring out colours the Giclee printers can’t achieve. 


We also have Iridescents, metallics and pearlescent inks, which give a similar effect to leaf. They are not as reflective; however, you achieve a better result in detailed areas.