Harwood King Digital Giclee Printmaking: 

Giclee Printing Services across Sussex, London and the UK


Giclee printmaking is the production name now synonymous with inkjet prints produced for the art market. These inkjet prints should be printed with very high quality inks that are as lightfast as the technology allows, onto an art paper of a weight of higher than 250 gsm. 


Harwood King experimented with giclee techniques right from it's invention and discussed resolution and colour inkjet ideas with Hewlett Packard before the advent of colour inkjet machines with a view to providing giclee printing services in the future. However we were not the first to use it in the production of art prints. We were not convinced by the quality of giclee prints at the time, there were lightfastness issues with the inks and paper. Production was slow and expensive although the signs were there that this technology was going to revolutionise the art print market. The biggest attraction at the outset was the ability to produce a small print run at an affordable price. Silkscreen the major player in the print production market required very big budgets and so the unit print cost of producing a short run made the individual print uncommercial. Giclee o the other hand held out the potential promise of print on demand. These days the print on demand ability of the inkjet has even seen off litho in the poster print market, it nearly killed off silkscreen well. 


At Harwood King we have used our knowledge of the traditional printmaking techniques to enhance the giclee printmaking production, often combining it with techniques, Silkscreen, Etching, and Monoprinting. It is our strong belief that a print should be a work of art in it's own right, not a simple photographic reproduction of an original. This unfortunately is all too common these days, and something we constantly fight against. We encourage artists to work with us and use our skills to help them produce an original print. 


Please do not hesitate to call us for more information on our giclee printing services or printmaking in general. We welcome both artists and the public to see round the studios and learn how we go about producing the work we do.

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