Jimi & Dan

BLOODSPORT is the first series of collaborative prints by artists Jimi Crayon and Dan Mountford aka Jimi & Dan.


As a designer, Jimi has worked all over the world for some of the largest Global brands. He helped launch the iPhone 5 with his album artwork for ‘Colours’ by Graffiti6 and took over half the digital billboards at Times Square for the launch of Windows 8.

More recently Jimi created the logo for Russell Brands hugely popular true news show The Trews and gave the American Express Green, Gold and Platinum credit cards makeover for their Card Art series.


Dan Mountford, a graphic designer in training, focuses on challenging perceptions through any medium at hand. He was at the forefront of the photographic resurgence of the double exposure and has created visuals for the likes of Adobe, IBM, Urban outfitters, EMI records, The Economist and many other notable clients, all with the aim of connecting two real world photographic concepts in a simplified manner. In recent years Dan has turned his hand to the world of CGI to further his ability to visualise and connect an idea with the viewer.


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