We have a wide range of printable materials each complimenting our different printmaking techniques. We have a particularly large selection of papers available and are able to source most other papers upon request.

Paper comes in many different sizes weights and textures, and the terminology can be difficult to understand. So here is a quick guide to the terminology you may find when looking at different papers. 

Weight gsm

Paper weight is measured in grams over a square meter. 

Coated papers. 

Coated papers have been chemically treated especially designed for Giclee printing. 

HP / Hot pressed

A heat process paper goes through to give it a smooth finish with little texture.

Uncoated / Raw 

Uncoated or Raw papers haven't gone through a chemical process that allows them to be printed through giclee machines.

Not / CP / Cold pressed 

A heat process paper goes through that gives paper more texture.


Satin paper has an ultra smooth surface.


Somerset® Enhanced Fine Art Inkjet Paper 

This paper is traditionally mould made from 100% cotton, to high archival standards, made at St Cuthberts Mill in Somerset. 

A matte paper, with an invisible inkjet coating, whose texture will lift images, giving them a beautifully elegant fine art feel. 

Weight 225, 255 and 330gsm 

Giclee only 

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