Pam Glew

Pam Glew, born in 1978, is a British artist best known for her unique bleaching technique on fabric. Glew started making artwork on flags and textiles around 2007 as a response to war, notably 'Afghan Girl' later appeared on the front cover of Le Monde Newspaper.
Flags, quilts and brocade are used to explore and question how identity is constructed by our place of birth and the countries in which we live. The use of textiles; washing, dyeing and sewing cloth and images of women are used to highlight the minority of women in the history of art and also the plight of women's rights.
The artist has shown internationally in 6 major solo shows and over 100 group exhibitions in galleries, art fairs and museums. She has collaborated with Terry O’Neill and Bill Wyman and produced commissions for Armani, Ralph Lauren, MTV and Mitsubishi Bank.