Heart of the Matter by Shirin Golestaneh is a giclee print with silkscreen and faux gold leaf embellishments. Signed and numbered by the artist and is from an edition of 50.


Paper Size: 90 x 90cm (35.4 x 35.4")

Heart of the Matter by Shirin Golestaneh

  • Shirin Golestaneh is a London based artist. She paints large abstract paintings using in colourful glazes layering them to create different dimensions. Her work represents the journey from within - the world of imaginary landscapes, dreams and places we know inside ourselves. She incorporates moons, suns, brooks, mountains and seas working with layers of transparencies to create a mosaic of colors revealing images from underneath. The vitality and creativity shown in Shirin's work derives from her multi-cultural background, extensive travels and education in art.