Silkscreen printing at Harwood King


At Harwood King, we have over 30 years of experience producing fine art silkscreen prints.


Our skilled artisans can help you transform your artwork into a silkscreen, offering guidance on splitting the colours into screens and hand-mixing colours to match your artwork.


We suggest a minimum order of 10 prints


We use water based Acrylic and UV inks


Achieves fluorescent and iridescent colours digital printing can't 

ICONS-digital-print 1.png

Can be used on its own or in combination with digital printing


Can be used on its own or in combination with digital printing

Hand pulled screen print




Silkscreen printing is a form of stencil printing, in which fabric (originally silk) is stretched across a frame to make a screen. The screen is blocked out using a stencil. The stencil is created either by hand or photographically.


The stencil's open areas let the ink pass through the screen onto a sheet of paper. A squeegee is used to push the ink through the open parts of the stencil. A different stencil is required for every colour in the image. Each colour must be carefully registered with all the other colours. ​





We are experts in multicolour silkscreen production and have printed editions needing anything from 1 to 96 colours. We have won numerous industry awards for our studio's print quality. 

Our skilled print technicians can take you through the process of turning your image into a silkscreen and offer advice on the best print method, as well as on creating the separations and digital artwork needed to produce the print. 

Silkscreen printing can also be used to enhance digital prints by adding spot colours and\or Finishes and Effects.

The cost of silkscreen printmaking production can vary greatly depending on the requirements of the individual project. 

Our Silkscreen Printing Services