Screen Printing

At Harwood King we have over 30 years of experience in producing fine art silkscreen prints. Our skilled printers can help you transform your artwork into a silkscreen, offering guidance on splitting the colours into screens and hand mixing colours to match your artwork. Silkscreen printing can also be used in combination to enhance digital prints add something extra to the artwork. We have printed silkscreens from 1 to 35 colours and won industry awards for the quality of our studios work.


The cost of Silkscreen printmaking / editioning can vary greatly depending on the requirements of the individual project. Please contact us either by phone or email do discus your project and work out a custom quote for you.

Silkscreen is a form of stencil printing in which fabric (originally silk) is stretched across a frame to make a screen. The image is blocked out so ink can only pass thorough certain areas and a tool called a squeegee is used to press ink through the open areas onto the paper. The process is repeated for every element of the image. 

  • Hand printed in our studio by master print makers 

  • We use water based Acrylic and UV inks 

  • Can achieve metallic fluro and iridescent colours digital printing can't 

  • Can be used on its own or in combination with digital printing 

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