In the studio: Nick Smith’s Vermeer print for his PINCHED exhibition

We have been working with Nick Smith on a new limited edition he produced for his solo exhibition at Rhodes gallery. He was wanting to make this something special and a change from his usual giclee prints with a silkscreen varnish.

We worked with him looking at the image he was wanting to produce and suggested he could combine our new flatbed printer with silkscreens to create the style of image he was looking for.

We printed the grey scale colours on our flatbed printer and then have the colours added using 8 silkscreens. This combination created an amazing print with hand mixed silkscreen colours.

‘I've just opened the Vermeer screen print & I am absolutely speechless! Stunned and blown away! It's superb! Thank you.’ ‘The print is just phenomenal... a work of art in its self.’ Nick Smith