In the studio: Helen Beard I Reflect on My Reflection

Last month we worked with Brighton based contemporary artist Helen Beard on a 12 colour silkscreen print.

The bright blocks of colours and crisp lines of Helens original paintings really lend themselves to silkscreen printing making the most of this skilled printing technique.

The work itself is more than 12 colours but it is part of the skill of the screen printer to see where he can combine overlays of colour to create new colours and help ensure perfect registration between the different colour screens.

Helen supplied us with the pantone references for the colours in her work and we hand mixed each ink to match her specifications.

Seeing the different layers of screening come together to create an image is one of the real pleasures of silkscreen printing and the team really enjoyed working on this edition.

The print was launched at Unit London as part of Helen’s solo show.

For more details about the limited edition print please see Unit London