In the Studio: Charlie by Matt Small printed for Nelly Duff

When we photographed the original of Charlie by contemporary portrait artist Matt Small we could see so much potential to create an amazing limited edition that captures elements of the original.

At Harwood King we love combining a whole range of printing methods to create fine art prints that are more than just photographic reproductions but have their own character and stand up as artworks in their own right that develop on the original.

The final limited edition uses layers of silkscreen texture over printed by a flatbed giclee to retain the rough and uneven feel of the collaged pieces of wood and metal that the original was created from. More layers of contrast to reflect the different materials used in the original were created using silkscreens of silver and copper metallic inks as well as a stunning high gloss.

To create this composition the artwork for each of these elements was carefully picked out, by hand. The use of a variety of printing methods allowed us to create this high level of detail that really brings the work to life. At the end each print was torn down by hand to finish each one with a beautiful decaled edge.